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Creating Mailing Lists in Atmail

Stewart -


I want to create mailing lists in Atmail.


  • On-Premise Server + WebMail Installations: Version 6.0 > Current Version


The easiest way, if you have many users to add at once is to use the batch-alias-create.php script described here.


  1. Create a csv file as follows.
    If you have more than one mailing list you wish to create then put the details for each one on a new line in the csv file.
  2. With the example above a "deliver locally and alias" alias will be created which will result in all mail sent to also being forwarded to each email address specified (note that the "forward-to" addresses are separated by a semi-colon ";" not a comma ","). The effect of this is; will receive a copy of all emails and they will also be forwarded to everyone in the "list".
  3. To add single addresses to the mailing list just go to Webadmin > Services > Mail Aliases, select "Local Alias" as the alias type, enter the address of the list in the "Local Email Address" field and the address of the user you wish to add in the "Forward To" field, then click "Add Alias".
  4. To delete addresses from the list simply find in the table the entry or entries you wish to delete, check the checkbox then click "Delete Selected". You may wish to type in the name of the list or the name of the account in the "Filter by domain" field at the top if you have many entries in the table, just to make your target easier to find.


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