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Failover LDAP Mode with Dovecot

Stewart -

My LDAP uses multiple hosts and I want to add them to my Atmail configuration.


  • On-Premise Server + WebMail Installations: Version 6.0 > Current Version

Some LDAP implementations use multiple hosts. Because of this, you may need to define fallback hosts for when your main authentication point fails. Follow the following steps:


  1. If LDAP is not yet configured, set it in WebAdmin > Settings > Global Settings
  2. Duplicate the LDAP authentication file:

    cp /usr/local/atmail/mailserver/etc/dovecot-ldap.conf /usr/local/atmail/mailserver/etc/dovecot-ldap-fallback.conf
  3. Open the main dovecot.conf file (/usr/local/atmail/mailserver/etc/dovecot.conf) and find this block:

    passdb ldap {
    args = /usr/local/atmail/mailserver/etc/dovecot-ldap.conf
  4. Open the secondary ldap auth file ( /usr/local/atmail/mailserver/etc/dovecot-ldap-fallback.conf ), and modify this line to your secondary host:

    hosts =
  5. Duplicate the block with the second filename:

    passdb ldap {
    args = /usr/local/atmail/mailserver/etc/dovecot-ldap.conf
    passdb ldap {
    args = /usr/local/atmail/mailserver/etc/dovecot-ldap-fallback.conf
  6. Restart Atmail:

    % /etc/init.d/atmailserver restart


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