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Atmail 7 and ArchiveVault

Stewart -


Connecting my ArchiveVault installation with my Atmail 7 installation


  • ArchiveVault


  • ArchiveVault not yet connected to Atmail 7


1. Use the ArchiveVault WebAdmin

Go to

  • Once here go to API access and enable
  • This will then generate an API key for you to use
  • Copy/paste this into the Atmail WebAdmin for integration in step 2

2. Use the Atmail 7 WebAdmin

Go to

Once here go to

  • Services > ArchiveVault
  • Enable this service
  • Enter/Paste your API key generated on the ArchiveVault in step 1


3. Testing

Send and receive messages to see that Atmail 7 is send messages to the ArchiveVault.

  • Log into
  • Check that your messages are being saved to the ArchiveVault



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