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Migrate SquirrelMail Address Book to Atmail 6.x.x

Stewart -

I want to migrate my SquirrelMail address book to Atmail 6.x.x.


  • On-Premise Server + WebMail Installations: Version 6.x.x.

The following instructions are for migrating SquirrelMail Address Book contacts into Atmail 6. It will not import any user accounts, these must be created in Atmail 6 prior to running the address book migration script detailed in the article.


NOTE: For the examples below the Atmail web root is /usr/local/atmail/webmail/. You should change this path to your actual location before running the commands (hint your web root is the folder that contains the index.php file)

  1. # cd /usr/local/atmail/webmail/utilities/migration/
  2. # php migrate-squirrelmail-abook.php  [squirrelmail_database_name] [sql_username:sql_password] [sql_hostname(optional)]
  3. All your users' address book contacts should now be migrated to their Atmail 6 Address Book.



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