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WebMail Client Only System Requirements

Stewart -

I'm not sure what the system requirements for Atmail WebMail Client Only are.


  • Webmail Only Installations: Current Version

Atmail has not yet been installed.


The Atmail Application is provided in two modes, WebMail and Email Server + WebMail. With the WebMail Mode, you can use Atmail as an email client for your users. In the Email Server + WebMail you can provide email services from the Atmail application, and administer the system, including but not limited to modifying, deleting and creating Email Accounts.

  • You may use the WebMail mode to allow visitors to your Website to connect to their existing IMAP accounts.
  • You may use the Email Server and WebMail mode to create an Email Portal site where users can sign-up and create email accounts.

WebMail Client

As a WebMail Client, users can access Atmail via any browser or wireless device. Requests are handled by the Webserver (Apache) which runs the Atmail application.

User settings, Address Book, Scheduler tasks, profiles and account information are stored in a MySQL database. If using an IMAP account, all email messages will remain on the remote-mailserver.

Hardware Requirements

Recommended: Pentium Class 1Ghz+, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD.

Minimum: Pentium Class 500Mhz, 128MB RAM, 10GB HDD.

Software Requirements

Operating System

Since Atmail is based on PHP, it can be ported into any platform that supports and/or compiles PHP. Currently, Atmail supports the following environments:

  • Ubuntu 14.x only
  • Redhat Enterprise 6.x and 7.x only
  • CentOS 6.x and 7.x only
MySQL Server

Required for Atmail SQL database data. Packages can be downloaded from the MySQL site ( It is recommended that you have the following installed:

  • MySQL-server
  • MySQL-devel
  • MySQL-client

Apache is required and is usually installed by default with most Linux Distributions and Unix Variants.

Atmail 7.8+
PHP 5.4+ required for 7.8.0+

(Atmail 7.0 > 7.1.6: PHP 5.1 Minimum, 5.3 Maximum version)

(Atmail 7.2 > 7.7.1: PHP 5.3 Minimum, 5.5 Maximum version)

PHP is required and is usually installed by default with most Linux Distributions and Unix Variants. Note that you will also need to have the following packages installed:

  • DB/DB-devel or GDBM/GDBM-devel - required by Courier-IMAP
  • GCC 3.4++/make

To proceed with WebMail installation visit installation instructions.

Email Server

See Server + WebMail System Requirements.



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