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Migrating users to atmail cloud with IMAPSYNC

Stewart -

I want to migrate my IMAP users to the atmail cloud.


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Migration Requirement.


  1. Install IMAPSYNC.
    You can either purchase the full source (, or grab earlier versions from Ubuntu/Debian repositories.

  2. Once done, generate a list of your users in this format:
    Separate new entries with newlines, like so:,password,,password,password,,password,password,,password

  3. Save the file as migrate-users.csv.

  4. Execute this command from the directory containing the CSV file:
    { while IFS=',' read u1 p1 u2 p2; do
    imapsync --host1 [source-hostname] --authmech1 PLAIN --user1 "$u1" --password1 "$p1" --prefix1 INBOX/ --sep1 / \
    --host2 [destination-hostname] --authmech2 PLAIN --user2 "$u2" --password2 "$p2" --prefix2 INBOX. --sep . ...
    done ; }

 Executing the above command will then import all emails to the destination accounts.

Please note, this article presumes that the namespace separator of host1 is "/" and host2 is ".". 

--prefix1 INBOX/ --sep1 /
--prefix2 INBOX. --sep2 .

These are optional, but may be necessary as atmail strictly uses "." throughout its front end infrastructure.

NOTE: When migrating, the order of messages in the inbox will be arranged/displayed by the date the message was last modified (Not necessarily the date the email was received).


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