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Identities & Signatures

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How do I use Identities & signatures?


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Multiple identities and signatures are useful when you have multiple accounts forwarding to your webmail. For example, you can create an identity & signature to send from when replying to forwarded emails from a specific account.

Identities & signatures can be found by clicking the app switcher within your webmail and then Settings.


Then on the left hand side go to Mail and find the Identities & signatures section. By default, there should be only one signature using your account name.

Editing or creating a current identity & signature

You can edit the default signature by clicking the Screenshot_from_2017-12-18_12-32-59.png icon. To create a new signature, click the Screenshot_from_2017-12-18_12-09-21.png icon. This will open a pop-up window where you can define your name, email and signature with logo.

You can then proceed to populate these fields with your desired content.


Using the editor to create your Signature

The editor has all the expected features. Upon clicking on the Screenshot_from_2017-12-18_13-22-28.png icon, you will be presented with advanced formatting that includes:

Using the HTML editor, you can insert and edit HTML code to create your signature. 


Selecting your identity & signature

After creating multiple identities & signatures, these will be available from the Screenshot_from_2017-12-18_12-15-58.png icon in your composer.

This will display a drop-down box of your available identities & signatures.

You can then select any signatures that are available.


Your identity & signature should now be loaded and ready to compose with.


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