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Email Rules

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How do I use email rules?


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Email rules can used to define an action that is applied to an email when some or all criteria is met. This document will explore the possibilities of using these rules to customise your email experience.

New rules are only applied to new emails received. Please note, applying rules may take a long time and degrade performance

Email rules can be found by clicking the settings cog Screenshot_from_2017-10-20_15-05-06.png within your webmail and then Screenshot_from_2017-12-18_12-07-07.png on the left hand side of your display, then finding the Email rules drop-down section. Be default, the section should have no rules configured as seen below.

Creating a rule

  1. Click Screenshot_from_2017-12-18_12-09-21.png so the display expands and shows the available parameters. Start by naming your rule.
  2. Click the Screenshot_from_2017-12-18_12-15-58.png next to Apply when any of the following are met: to show the other available option.
    This example will use the default setting. The second option will only be applicable if you are using multiple conditions in your rule that all must be met for the Action to be applied.
  3. Click the Screenshot_from_2017-12-18_12-15-58.png to select whether you want to condition to be tested on the To, From or Subject headers of the incoming email.
  4. Click the Screenshot_from_2017-12-18_12-15-58.png next to contains to see the other available conditions.
  5. Define a phrase/string that will be used to identify the incoming mail.
  6. If you wish to add more then one condition, click the Screenshot_from_2017-12-18_12-26-31.png and complete the required details.
  7. Finally, under Action, select your desired action to be complete upon successful identification of incoming mail based on your previously defined conditions. These options can be seen by clicking theScreenshot_from_2017-12-18_12-15-58.png.
  8. Click Screenshot_from_2017-12-18_09-24-34.png

Your rule should now be complete. The below example states that if:

  • The subject contains the word "atmail"
  • The From header is ""
  • Mark the email as important


If you wish to edit your rule after saving, simply click the Screenshot_from_2017-12-18_12-32-59.png symbol. Screenshot_from_2017-12-18_12-32-52.png



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