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How do I change my webmail theme?


  • atmail suite


You can select your desired themes from those made available from you mail administrator.

Finding your Themes

  1. Themes can be found by clicking the settings cog Screenshot_from_2017-10-20_15-05-06.png within your webmail and then Screenshot_from_2017-12-18_08-05-30.png on the left hand side of your display.
  2. Your webmail will now show all available themes that have been made available by your administrator.
  3. You can select your desired theme by clicking on the named tile that contains a preview of that themes foreground and background colors. For your reference, the image below has the Default selected.
  4. Once a new theme is selected, the colors and logos should immediately change to reflect your new theme. In the example below, the mynewtheme has been selected and the colors and logos have updated.


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