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Account Settings

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How can I configure my account settings?


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Management of multiple accounts, security questions and recovery email addresses can all be found in the accounts section of your webmail.

Finding your Account Settings.

  1. Account settings can be found by clicking the settings cog Screenshot_from_2017-10-20_15-05-06.png within your webmail and then Screenshot_from_2017-10-30_13-32-29.png on the left hand side of your display.
  2. Your webmail will now show all relevant account options.

Primary Account

If multiple accounts are enabled for your account and you have more then one account configured, you can set your primary(default) account here. Do this by clicking the drop-down arrow Screenshot_from_2017-10-20_15-31-18.png and selecting your desired account.


Available Accounts

This section lists all available accounts that have been configured. Additional IMAP account functionality coming soon.

Change Password

You can update your password by clicking the Screenshot_from_2017-10-31_13-29-41.png button. The current gobal password policy is defined below however this may be different if your administrator has enforced further policy:

  • Minimum 8 Characters
  • 1 Minimum lowercase character
  • 1 Minimum uppercase character
  • 1 Minimum numeric character
  • 1 Minimum non-alphanumeric character
  • Maximum 4 identical characters
  • Can not be the same as 3 previous passwords.

If your new password fails to abide by the atmailcloud password policy you will receive the below message.


Upon successfully changing your password, you will receive the following banner at the bottom of your webmail confirming a successful change.

Security Questions

Security questions will be used to assist in further identification of your ownership of the account. A minimum of 3 questions and answers must be defined to enable the use of the password recovery feature.

To set your question, click Screenshot_from_2017-10-31_11-40-00.png.


This will open a drop-down section of 5 default questions. To see the list of available questions, click the drop-down arrow Screenshot_from_2017-10-20_15-31-18.png.


If you wish to create your own questions, click Screenshot_from_2017-10-31_11-44-44.png. A pop-out window will appear allowing you to enter your desired question.

After clicking OK, you can provide an answer.

After configuring this section, please remember to click Screenshot_from_2017-10-31_13-40-20.png.

Recovery Email

If you have defined a minimum of 3 security questions, you can define an email address that will be used to aid you in password recovery.

You can recovery your password using our password recovery documentation.



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