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Migrate calendars from atmail 7 to atmail suite

Stewart -

How can I migrate my calendars from my atmail 7 installation to my atmail suite installation?


  • atmail suite
  • atmail 7 server + webmail
  • atmail 7 webmail client only

Migration requirement.


You can migrate your calendars manually from atmail 7 into your atmail suite installation by using Apple Calendar. 

  1. Setup your atmail 7 and atmail suite account within Apple Calendar.
  2. Export a calendar’s events
    1. Click the atmail 7 calendar’s name in the calendar list.
    2. If you don’t see the calendar list on the left, choose View > Show Calendar List.
    3. Choose File > Export > Export.
    4. Choose a location, then click Export.
    5. The events are exported to a calendar (.ics) file.
  3. Import events into a calendar
    1. Choose File > Import.
    2. Select the file with the events, then click Import.
    3. Choose the atmail suite calendar to add the events to.
    4. You can also drag a file with events to Calendar. The events are added to the calendar selected in the calendar list.



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