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atmail mail server - 1.1.0

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Release overview

Release Date: 9 October 2017
Release Versions: atmail mail server - 1.1.0


atmail mail server 1.1.0 highlights:

  • Mail Server

    • Optional Admin Search - Use logstash to grep syslog and parse/save to elasticsearch

    • Administration Logging and Reporting via Logstash and ElasticSearch (external installation)
  • Some features require administrators to follow our help center documentation for configuration changes during upgrades.
  • Mail server administration logging and reporting requires logstash and elastic search to be installed. Documentation is here.

Mail Server - 1.1.0

  • Changed default mailbox format mdbox for new installations
  • Changed default namespace separator to / for new installations
  • Removed duplicate global brand option
  • Added new config/inventory vars/values to support new mbox type and separator
  • Fixed session timeout to logout correctly
  • Fixed issues where if no data to graph nothing is presented
  • Improved security settings for log pages
  • Added mailserver disk usage report
  • Fixed sent/received mail log issue
  • Added export log data
  • Added administration logging and reporting via logstash and elastic search
  • Edit account > first/last name fields are mandatory, but not actually
  • Added user auditing
  • Improved the reset password link - hard to see
  • Fixed when "Use password policy" is off I can still edit
  • Dav provisioning now supports new password col and using password schema specified by mailserver
  • Removed 'realm' as now unused

Change Log

T Summary
Bug Fix typo on deleted accounts page
Bug Update README file
Bug Clean up code
Bug createdBy columns need re-sizeing to match userid
Bug remove smtp things on branding.
Bug mysql 5.7+ default mode causes User Manager to fail
Bug Cloud not rolled back when part of provision fails
Bug Empty brand appearing in out-of-the-box install
Improvement Supply a welcome email out of the box
Improvement Dont allow weaker password policy
New Feature Improve webmail theme domain
New Feature Update VERSION file for 1.0.2
New Feature Groups Support
Sub-task Add support for dovecot namespace separator
Sub-task update delete account processing.
Task Dovecot permission errors
Task Upgrade failure for MS 1.0 > 1.1
Task Change link in admin from to
Task Account deletion

Improvement NEW FEATURE
Sub-task SUB-TASK


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