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administering your atmail store(obj)

Dominic -


How can I administer atmail store (obj)?


  • atmail mail server
  • atmail suite
  • atmail store(obj)


Administration requirement.


Before you attempt to configure the atmail store(obj) plugin, please make sure you have reviewed the following documentation:


The following basic commands can be used to administer your atmail store(obj) functionality.
doveadm objbox sync

  1. Sync (sync) all attachments within the /sis/ directory to the end point (-u) and then verify (-v) for the domain Only attachments that meet the requirements set by the serialize_attach_size_gt = 1m variable will be uploaded.
    root@localhost sis]# doveadm objbox sync -d /sis/ -u -v;
    upload[13158]: ( - (200:OK) (*)
  2. Remove files (-x) for the domain (-d) from local storage after they have been synced.
    [root@localhost sis]# doveadm objbox sync -d /sis/ -u -x;
    verify[13161]: ( - same (v)

doveadm objbox msync:

-o = endpoint

-p = threading 1

-v verify

-x delete local

-u mike

Sync all attachments to object storage end-point and remove locally.

[root@localhost sis]# doveadm objbox msync -o -p 1 -v -x -u search before 10s larger 1M
upload[13474]: ( - (200:OK) (*)
 - /sis/ (x) : not found
 verify[13474]: ( - same (v)
- /sis/ (x) : not found

Further information about search functionality for msync can be found within the dovecot documentation.

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