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How do I contact atmail Sales?

Please complete the Contact Us form on our site.

What does an atmail cloud licence include?

An atmail cloud licence is a single licence type that includes the following features: webmail; contacts; and calendars. 

Do you offer a free trial for atmail cloud?

Yes. For atmail cloud, we offer a 14-day, fully-featured, trial licence per atmail ID that you create upon signup.

To start your trial, please visit our web site and click on the free trial option for cloud or click here

Is your licensing done on a per-user basis?

Yes. atmail cloud is licensed per atmail ID, which means per email account that will be hosted and/or accessed via the atmail mail server or webmail client. 

Is there a minimum purchase?

Yes. Our minimum purchase for atmail cloud is 10 mailboxes.

How can I purchase atmail cloud?

You can purchase directly through our online store.

For bulk user licences over 1,000 users, please contact our sales team for a custom quote. 

What is the purchase term?

Our atmail cloud licences are purchased as a monthly subscription (unless a custom Service Level Agreement applies). 

Are multi-year contracts available for a discount?

Yes. We are happy to negotiate multi-year contracts with more favourable pricing for our larger customers. 

Can you send me a detailed quote via email?

Yes. We can send a detailed quote. Please contact our sales team and let us know exactly what you require. Alternatively, cloud customers can create their own quotes via our atmail online store. 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment online via credit card when using Visa or Mastercard. Payment can be deducted automatically on a monthly basis or manually by prior arrangement. American Express payments are processed manually by prior arrangement. Bank transfers are available for transactions greater than US$1,000.

How do I change my credit card details for automatic payments for atmail cloud?

Changing your credit card details is easy. Just log in to your atmail client portal, click on “Payment Details”, then update your credit card details. If you have any issues, please contact our sales team

If I purchase online, will you send me an invoice?

After the purchase, you can log in to our customer portal using your login details to review your quotes and invoices. 

Can we add more users to our licence after we purchase?

Yes. For atmail cloud, simply add users via your atmail web admin login.

Can I reduce the number of users in my licence?

Yes. If you are an atmail cloud customer, you can reduce your user numbers at any time (unless stated otherwise in a custom Service Level Agreement). 



How do I contact atmail Support and/or raise support tickets?

You can contact our support team either via your atmail client portal or by emailing  

How do I access the atmail Help C­entre for self-service documentation?

Please either click here or go to and click on Support, then Help Centre. 

Does an atmail cloud subscription include support?

Yes. All of our subscriptions include Silver Support.

Gold and Platinum Support options are also available to better serve your needs.

For more information, please contact our sales team

What is the difference between Silver, Gold and Platinum Support?

Please refer to our list of Support packages online. Alternatively, please contact our sales team via the Contact Us form on our site. 

Can you provide help with migration?

Yes. Please contact our sales team via the Contact Us form on our site to enquire about a quote for our migration and/or professional services assistance. 

Can atmail customise my installation for me?

Yes. Please contact our support team to discuss how our professional services team can assist. 

If we need extra tech help, what else can atmail help with?

With 20 years of email experience, we have the skills and expertise to help you with (almost) anything related to email.

Typical requests include: migrations; integrations; customisations; extending your team’s email management capabilities; and performing custom reporting that is specific to your business.

Please contact our support team to discuss your requirements. 

What are your hours of support?

Platinum Support is available 24/7, 365 days a year, for critical issues (severity 1).

Gold and Platinum Support for non-critical issues is available Monday to Friday (except 2pm-4pm UTC), with reduced hours on weekends.

Silver Support does not offer email or phone support. Software bug tickets can however be submitted and we will respond in the office hours listed above. 

I have an atmail account through a reseller and I need help with my account. Can you help?

No. Many of atmail's reseller clients use our software to provide email services to their end users and we neither have access to their servers nor provide support to their support team, so please contact your email host directly.

Note: Many answers to common questions can be found in the atmail 7 cloud User Guide in our Help Centre here

What is the fastest way to reach you in case of emergency?

Platinum Support subscribers have direct mobile phone access and can reach us 24/7, 365 days a year, for critical issues (severity 1).

If you would like to enquire about Platinum Support, please contact our sales team via the Contact Us form on our site. 



Can I replace the atmail logo on the user interface?

Yes. We are proud to offer white labelling capability, so you can keep your own brand front-of-mind for your customers or employees. Please here for further details. 

Do you offer extra customisation?

Yes. Please contact our support team to enquire about branding and customisation options unique to your account. 

Can I customise our own DNS on atmail cloud?

Yes. If you provide your own SSL certificate, you can customise your own DNS on atmail cloud. This includes webmail, IMAP, POP and SMTP host names. 

How many emails can be sent per user per hour?

For atmail cloud, you typically have access to 200 - 2,400 emails per user per rolling 24-hour period, depending on the spam score for each email being sent. 

What is the send limit for atmail cloud?

atmail limits outbound emails in line with industry standards. Currently, our cloud limit is 100 external recipients per email sent. 

What is the maximum size for attachments?

For atmail cloud, the current maximum size allowed per attachment is 25MB. 

How much email storage per user comes with an atmail cloud account?

Each atmail cloud user is allocated 10GB of storage. If multiple users are purchased, the combined storage is allocated per account upfront. For example, if 50 users are purchased, 500GB of storage will be allocated upfront. 

Does atmail cloud include antispam?

Yes. atmail cloud uses Apache SpamAssassin, which is a widely distributed, open-source, antispam platform. Please contact our sales team to enquire about premium antispam offerings. 

Does atmail cloud include antivirus?

Yes. atmail cloud uses ClamAV, which is a widely distributed, open-source, antivirus engine for detecting trojans, viruses, malware and malicious threats. 

Does atmail cloud support multiple languages?

Yes. atmail cloud supports English (UK), German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch and Japanese. Simplified Chinese coming in late 2018.



Does atmail cloud support calendar invitations to external email addresses?

Yes. atmail cloud includes calendar invitation support. Invitations are sent via email as an ICS attachment. 

Can I share a single calendar entry with other people in my organisation?

N. A calendar and all of it’s associated entries can be shared, but atmail suite does not currently support sharing an individual calendar entry. 

Can the Outlook or atmail Sync Connector synchronise shared calendars or contacts?

Yes, for Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013. Please refer to our Help Centre documentation here



What is the tech stack for atmail cloud?

React, Go(lang), JMAP Proxy, DAV, Swift, Dovecot, Exim, Nginx, Apache SpamAssassin, ClamAV, Ansible and PHP (Zend) for the admin UI

Do you have an API?

Yes. atmail is built on a RESTful API. Please see our Help Centre for further information. 

Do you have client and sub-client control panels?


How do I manage my atmail email service?

Our web admin has a wizard that will walk you through on your first use. For further information, please refer to our Help Centre for step by step tutorials.

Is it possible to manage more than one IMAP account at a time with the atmail cloud client?

Yes. Our atmail cloud client allows for multiple accounts. Currently we only support Gmail, however general IMAP accounts will be supported in the near future. 

Can you help me restore an accidentally deleted account or messages on atmail cloud?

Yes. We directly manage our atmail cloud infrastructure and environment, so please contact our support team within 7 days for assistance with restoring email. After 7 days, we may not be able to restore your messages and/or costs may apply. 

Can I forward email addresses that have their MX records pointed to the atmail cloud, but not their email boxes?

Yes. Please visit our Help Centre for full instructions. 

Can I use filters to have an email forwarded to an email inside and/or outside our domain?

No. Such filters only move messages between folders. 

What is the limitation on the number of simultaneous connections with atmail cloud?

There is currently a limitation of 40 connections to the server from one IP address. 

Can atmail cloud check multiple mailboxes at once?

Yes. Our atmail cloud client allows for multiple accounts. Currently we only support Gmail, however general IMAP accounts will be supported in the near future. 

Is there an option to whitelist an email, domain or ISP, with atmail cloud?

atmail cloud allows you to whitelist an email and domain, but not an ISP. 



Is atmail cloud compatible with Windows clients?

Yes, most Windows email clients can connect directly to atmail's IMAP/POP3 server. Outlook users can synchronise calendars and contacts using a third party plugin such as Outlook CalDav Synchronizer. Thunderbird/Mozilla users can connect their contact and calendar clients directly to atmail's CalDAV/CardDAV server. The webmail UI is supported under Windows IE8+.  

Is atmail cloud compatible with Mac OS X clients?

Yes. OS X mail users can connect directly to the atmail cloud’s IMAP/ POP3 service. Users can also connect native Apple Calendar and Contacts clients directly to atmail cloud’s CalDAV/ CardDAV server. 

Is atmail cloud compatible with iOS clients?

Yes. iOS mail users can connect directly to the IMAP/ POP3 server for atmail cloud, as well as connect their iCal and Address Book clients directly to atmail cloud’s CalDAV/ CardDAV server. atmail cloud also provides an iOS app available from the iTunes store, plus a mobile-friendly UI. 

Is atmail cloud compatible with Android clients?

Yes. Android users can connect directly to atmail cloud’s IMAP/ POP3, CalDAV and CardDAV servers to synchronise email, calendars and contacts with the atmail server. Android users can also use the optional mobile friendly UI. 

Is atmail cloud compatible with BlackBerry clients?

We have received feedback that modern BlackBerry devices have worked very well on our platform using IMAP/ POP, CalDAV and CardDAV, however we ourselves do not test on, or support, BlackBerry devices. 



Will my atmail cloud subscription renew automatically?

Yes. Unless you are on a custom contract, your atmail cloud subscription will renew automatically each month, so you never need to worry about your contract expiring. 

How can I restart my atmail cloud subscription if it lapses?

If your atmail cloud subscription lapses you generally have 7 days to pay your outstanding payment for it to restart smoothly. If it has been longer than 7 days and the subscription cannot be easily restarted, please contact our support team

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