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cloud update 3-8-17

Stewart -


atmail suite 8.1.2 introduces a WYSIWYG toolbar for rich signatures, improves timezone and event handling; and resolves various bugs.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Added a WYSIWYG toolbar for creating rich signatures
  2. Improves timezone handling for events
  3. Improves display of long urls in event notes
  4. Fixes for session timeouts
  5. Fixes for forwarding mail with CID attachments
  6. Improves display of attachments with long names


Type Summary
Bug Investigate missing mailboxIds issue?
Bug Cant delete group
Bug Break long descriptions in event "notes"
Bug Calendar invite renders at wrong time (x2)
Bug PDF attachment doesn't display in Webmail, does in third party
Bug All-day event (multi-day) bug
Bug Intermittent failure to send when forwarding an cid attachment
Bug Error while sending multiple attachments
Bug Email missing from webmail view
Bug Support outlook created events
Bug Mobile view of create calendar has fields cut off
Bug External attendees invitation marked as spam
Bug Random session timeouts
Bug cid handling errors
Bug Failed to parse message
Bug Email render problem
Bug Reply to email errors & logs out
Bug Virgin GMail account, multiple duplicate folders
Bug Gmail sending working but error says it doesn't
Bug Gmail account non-responsive
Bug Attachment in gmail nil pointer (CONFIG CHANGE REQUIRED)
Improvement Update "manage groups" settings actions
Improvement Update "manage folders" settings actions
Improvement Images in signatures
Improvement Attachment Name Rendering Issue
Improvement Improve help content
Improvement Calendars > Calendar Visibility Selection
Improvement Increase the preview size of images within the body of the email
New Feature Update "manage groups" settings actions
New Feature WYSIWYG identity/signature editing toolbar
New Feature UAT Feedback: Quick Delete Individual Message from Message List
New Feature Enhance collapsed messages in messagelist
Task Fix unknow prop onCanDrop warnings
Task Fix common bugs reported in airbrake
Task Document all links which are hardcoded into product
Task Ensure "Send an automated reply to incoming emails" honour start and end dates
Task Create Google credentials for cloud

Improvement NEW FEATURE



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