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Custom Logo for Login and Webmail

Dominic -

How can I apply my own custom logo to the login and webmail pages?


  • atmail cloud

Requirement to apply custom branding.


  1. Login to your atmail cloud webadmin.
  2. Select the Services tab, then select Webmail Themes.
  3. Select your domain from the Select a domain drop-down box. Then select the theme you wish to customise. By default, the Theme drop-down box will only contain Slate, select Slate and use this as a basis for your new theme.
  4. Now you can upload your images to the corresponding Webmail Logo and Login Page Logo sections. To do this, use the Browse icon to select your image then Upload to upload your logo. 
  5. With your custom logo's uploaded, turn Save as new theme to ON and name your new theme. Scroll to the bottom and press Save Settings.
  6. Now select the Webmail Settings tab. Choose your domain from the drop-down box and set the Default Theme to the new theme you just created. Don't forget to click Save Settings.
  7. Visit your atmail cloud: to see your logo on both the login and webmail pages.




Please Note:
Mail Domain (or just Domain): The domain that is used for the domain-part of an email address. For example, is the Mail Domain in

Webmail Domain: The URL address that you enter into your browser to access webmail. Note this is different from mail domain. For example,


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