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atmail suite - 8.1.1

Stewart -


atmail suite 8.1.1 introduces drag & drop support, improves translation and event handling; and resolves various bugs.

Important highlights from this release

  1. Improved translation strings for all languages
  2. Improved event reminder handling - if you dismiss on one device all other webmail instances will be in sync
  3. Display more event details in event reminder via a toggle
  4. Display event notes when an event invitation is received via email
  5. Drag & Drop Support 
    1. Drag & Drop attachments from webmail to your desktop (supported platforms only)
    2. Drag & Drop emails (one or multi) to mailboxes/folders when in desktop mode (supported browsers only)
    3. Drag & Drop files from your desktop to any composer popup to attach them (supported browsers only)
    4. Drag & Drop contacts (one or multi) to groups when in desktop mode (supported browsers only)
  6. Only one spam mailbox is now displayed
  7. Various bug fixes


Type Summary
Bug Invalid prop `hintText` of type `object` supplied to `EnhancedTextarea`
Bug Invalid prop `className` of type `boolean` supplied to `FlatButton`
Bug Resolve GET_MESSAGE_LIST_ERROR (Airbrake)
Improvement Improve font caching to reduce page load (Chrome & FF)
Improvement Display event notes in email invitation for attached events
Improvement Increased "snooze reminder for" options for snoozing event reminders
Improvement Improved line heights for placeholder text (removes overlap)
Improvement Improve icons within appbar
Improvement Improve event reminder handling across supported browsers
New Feature Support Drag and Drop to desktop for downloading attachments
New Feature Support viewing event information from within the event reminder
New Feature Support Drag and Drop (move email, delete email & add contact to group)
New Feature Improved TLS certificate configurations for IMAP, SMTP, DAV, Sieve and MariaDB
Task Improve event handling through loading accountId for received events. (GET_ATTACHED_EVENTS_LOADING)
Task Replace machine translations with human translations (German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian)
Task ONPREM documentation enhancements (api admin, api server, JMAP spec, configuration options, settings, example flows, installation and licence registration)

Improvement NEW FEATURE



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