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I need to add SPF/ DKIM records for my domain on the atmail cloud.


  • atmail cloud EU & US


Requirement for SPF/ DKIM implementation.



SPF records are used to denote IP addresses or Hosts that a domain should/can be sent from.

The syntax for adding atmailcloud to your Domains DNS as a TXT record is as follows:

v=spf1 -all

The above SPF query will include the contents of the SPF as found in which atmail control and can update when server IPs change. The above record is a blanket record that includes SPF records for both our Europe and USA cloud environments.

The following can also be used dependent on your clouds location. This is the preferred method of implementing SPF as DNS lookups for SPF checks are limited to 10 as per RFC 7208 section 4.6.4. 


v=spf1 -all


v=spf1 -all

Please note that you have to option of defining a soft or hardfail:

~ = softfail: Mail shouldn't be sent from here, but still accept it
- = hardfail: Mail shouldn't be sent from here, drop it

In regards to the example SPF record advised, a hardfail is used which will tell receiving MTA's to drop the mail unless it is sent from the atmailcloud. Implementation of these entries will be dependent on how you manage your DNS records.


Implementation of DKIM records works as follows:

  1. Contact and advise which domain/s you wish to have DKIM enabled for.
  2. atmail will then create relevant keys for each domain.
  3. You will then need to publish these keys in your domains DNS records. Implementation of this will be dependent on how you manage your DNS records. Once this is done, please advise support accordingly.
  4. atmail will then confirm that these records and begin signing outgoing mail.
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