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Creating an administrator and editing permissions

Stewart -


How do I create and administer admin users in my atmail mail server installation?


  • atmail mail server


Requirement for account administration.


The following document will be divided into the following sections:

Adding admin users

  1. Log into your webadmin.
  2. Go to webadmin > Security > Add user


  3. Enter the new admin account details.
    1. Username
      Username for the admin account
    2. User password
      Password for the admin account
    3. Verify password
      Verify password the password for the admin account
    4. User full name
      The admin users full name
    5. Email address
      The admin users email address
    6. Company name
      The admin users company name
  4. Domain
    Specify which domains the admin user will control.
  5. No. accounts allowed
    Specify the maximum number of accounts the user can create.
  6. Total disk quota
    Specify the total disk quota allocated for accounts the user controls. No additional accounts can be created if the user exceeds the quota.
  7. User role and permissions
    Here you assign the user a role. Each role comes with a preset list of permissions. You may also assign additional permissions. However you cannot create users with permissions you yourself do not have. Please see this guide for details on how to create your own user roles.

    Optional: Add further permissions in addition to those included with the role. Permissions already available within the selected role, will not show.

    1. all ON/OFF    
      Access to everything
    2. account.all ON/OFF    
      Right to all account actions
    3. account.add ON/OFF    
      Right to add accounts
    4. account.delete ON/OFF    
      Right to delete accounts
    5. account.edit ON/OFF    
      Right to edit accounts
    6. account.list ON/OFF    
      Right to view list of accounts
    7. account.view ON/OFF    
      Right to view an account
    8. account.import ON/OFF    
      Right to imports accounts
    9. account.export ON/OFF    
      Right to export accounts
    10. domain.all ON/OFF    
      Right to all domain actions
    11. domain.add ON/OFF    
      Right to add domains
    12. domain.delete ON/OFF    
      Right to delete domains
    13. domain.edit ON/OFF    
      Right to edit domains
    14. domain.view ON/OFF    
      Right to view domain information
    15. service.all ON/OFF    
      Right to all service actions
    16. service.imap.view ON/OFF    
      Right to view IMAP settings
    17. service.imap.edit ON/OFF    
      Right to edit IMAP settings
    18. service.smtp.view ON/OFF    
      Right to view SMTP settings
    19. service.smtp.edit ON/OFF    
      Right to edit SMTP settings
    20. service.spam.view ON/OFF    
      Right to view anti-spam settings
    21. service.spam.edit ON/OFF    
      Right to edit anti-spam settings
    22. service.antivirus.view ON/OFF    
      Right to view anti-virus settings
    23. service.antivirus.edit ON/OFF    
      Right to edit anti-virus settings
    24. service.mailaliases.list ON/OFF    
      Right to view list of mail aliases
    25. service.mailaliases.add ON/OFF    
      Right to add mail aliases
    26. service.mailaliases.delete ON/OFF    
      Right to delete mail aliases
    27. service.mailrelays.list ON/OFF    
      Right to view list of mail relays
    28. service.mailrelays.add ON/OFF    
      Right to add mail relays
    29. service.mailrelays.delete ON/OFF    
      Right to delete mail relays
    30. service.publishconfig ON/OFF    
      Right to publish configuration files
    31. service.dav.view ON/OFF    
      Right to view dav settings
    32. service.dav.edit ON/OFF    
      Right to edit dav settings
    33. dashboard.all ON/OFF    
      Right to access all dashboard components
    34. dashboard.gettingstarted ON/OFF    
      Right to access Getting Started wizard
    35. ON/OFF    
      Right to search logs
    36. dashboard.logs.view ON/OFF    
      Right to view log graphs and info
    37. dashboard.myaccount ON/OFF    
      Right to access My Account page
    38. dashboard.tour ON/OFF    
      Right to access Tour Checklist page
    39. dashboard.statistics ON/OFF    
      Right to view server statistics
    40. settings.all ON/OFF    
      Right to all settings actions
    41. settings.logs.view ON/OFF    
      Right to view logging settings
    42. settings.logs.edit ON/OFF    
      Right to edit logging settings
    43. ON/OFF    
      Right to view 'global' settings
    44. ON/OFF    
      Right to edit 'global' settings
    45. settings.branding.view ON/OFF    
      Right to view branding settings
    46. settings.branding.edit ON/OFF    
      Right to edit branding settings
    47. security.all ON/OFF    
      Right to all security actions
    48. security.passwordpolicy.view ON/OFF    
      Right to view password policy settings
    49. security.passwordpolicy.edit ON/OFF    
      Right to edit password policy settings
    50. security.authentication.view ON/OFF    
      Right to view authentication settings
    51. security.authentication.edit ON/OFF    
      Right to edit authentication settings
    52. security.user.all ON/OFF    
      Right to all user actions
    53. security.user.add ON/OFF    
      Right to add admin users
    54. security.user.delete ON/OFF    
      Right to delete admin users
    55. security.user.edit ON/OFF    
      Right to edit admin users
    56. security.user.list ON/OFF    
      Right to view list of admin users
    57. security.user.view ON/OFF    
      Right to view an admin user
    58. security.deletedaccount.view ON/OFF    
      Right to view deleted accounts list
    59. security.deletedaccount.edit ON/OFF    
      Right to update deleted accounts list
    60. license.all ON/OFF    
      Right to all license actions
    61. license.register ON/OFF    
      Right to register a licence
    62. license.details ON/OFF    
      Right to view license details
    63. license.delete ON/OFF    
      Right to delete a licence
    64. plugins.all ON/OFF    
      Right to all plugins actions
    65. plugins.edit ON/OFF    
      Right to edit plugins
    66. plugins.view ON/OFF   
      Right to view plugins
  8. Optional: You do not need to use a predefined user role. You can set permissions manually.
  9. Click the Add user button at the bottom of the page to create the admin user.


Editing admin users

  1. Log into your webadmin.
  2. Go to webadmin > Security > List users


  3. Select the admin user account you wish to edit.
  4. Make changes to the admin user as desired and click onto the Save button at the bottom of the page.


Removing admin users

  1. Log into your webadmin.
  2. Go to webadmin > Security > List users


  3. Delete single user
    Click delete on the admin user account that you wish to delete. Click OK to confirm deletion.


  4. Delete multiple users
    Select the admin users you want to delete the click onto the Deleted selected button. Click OK to confirm deletion.



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