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atmail suite - 8.1.0/atmail dav - 1.0.1

Stewart -

atmail suite - 8.1.0

  • support adding of gmail accounts
  • added "report spam" to thread and mail menus
  • fixes for editing identities
  • added new setting "Default reminder for new events"
  • reduced initial page load by 50kb (compressed)
  • improve error message when updating password
  • removed "confirm delete" dialog when deleting mail
  • improved event support with outlook, apple mail and gmail
  • improved icon workflow when selecting multiple items in mail or contacts views
  • improved auto-complete performance on lower powered devices
  • improved auto-complete parsing for addresses that contain commas
  • add "vacation" and "forwarding of message" to help centre
  • show loading spinner (if required) when switching between mail, contacts, calendar, etc
  • correctly report quota
  • fixes for 0 byte attachments
  • api errors can be configured to send to
  • updated dependencies
  • various bug fixes

atmail dav 1.0.1

  • event emails are now sent from users email address


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