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cloud update 27-4-17

Stewart -

  • Fix issue with Safari failing to load (inconsistent)
  • Fixes for updating account details
  • Tweak for focus offset on calendar visible checkboxes
  • Remove port hint from login page "more options" placeholder
  • Tweaks to composer when used on mobile and tablet devices
  • Open thread is not closed when refreshing mailbox
  • Disable creating duplicate identities
  • Fixes for creating nested mailboxes with the same name
  • Filter more unwanted attributes when displaying messages
  • Display reminder dates in the correct locale
  • Owners can now edit events where they are attendees too
  • Disable clicking on elements behind the time and date picker dialogs
  • Fix for showing old repeating events
  • Fixes for re-editing of drafts
  • Fixes for renaming and deleting mailboxes/groups and returning to mail/contacts
  • Fixes for x-atmail-connectFailure errors reported in airbrake
  • Tweak to ignore requests to /admin
  • Prevent loading webmail in an iframe


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