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cloud update 3-4-17

Stewart -

  • webmail
    • improved error message shown when account is blocked
    • display 3 different error codes upon broken mail account details
    • set reply flag when sending a message
    • display spam value on slider
    • minor theme tweaks
    • improved error display when failing to send message
    • add new log section to help > support to aid in debugging and support queries
    • show unread counts across all mailboxes/folders
    • fix issue with auto "set as read" when opening a thread
    • provide "server" value to api when signing in (if configured to do so)
    • fix redirection to login page issue when not logged in
    • improve error handling of fail account updates
    • support email forwarding and out of office replies
    • api fixes for updating user password
    • api fixes around account provisioning
    • updated various api read mes
    • improved debugging or realtime update errors
    • added missing sql transactions
    • remove provisioned dav details when removing user
    • various sql cleanups
    • fixed snoozing an event issue with iOS devices where an email was sent to all attendees
    • fixed shared data state between contacts and calendars 
    • updated api test suite


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