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Configure MX Records for Atmail Cloud

Stewart -

I recently created an atmail cloud account and need to configure my MX records for mail delivery.


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MX Records are not configured to work with atmail cloud.


What are MX Records?

MX record are one of several DNS records that are assigned to a domain upon registration. The MX records are used specifically to direct mail flow. The configuration is managed by the Domain Name Service provider where the domain as registered, ie. Go Daddy.

For users to receive mail, the MX records for their domain must point to a server that is configured to process their mail. Often there is one record set to a primary server, and there can be others that point to one or more backup servers.

Where do I go to make the changes required?

The MX records can be configured via the domain service provider where the domain was originally purchase/registered. Common DNS providers are Go Daddy, CrazyDomains, NetRegistry, Enom and

Each provider will have their own customer login/access pages which you will need to have access to as this will lead to DNS management/configuration settings. If you are unsure who your DNS provider is, visit: and enter your domain detail to determine the provider.

Below are links to the support guides offered common DNS providers, stepping through how to configure MX records within their domain management platforms:

Go Daddy:

Net Registry:

What do my MX records need to be set to?

US-EAST Servers (MX priority 10) (MX priority 20)

EU-WEST Servers (MX priority 10) (MX priority 20)

If you're unsure of the settings required, or not sure if they're configured correctly, please visit and enter the domain you are configuring. The toolbox will test the MX records and display the results for you to refer to.

In some-cases the DNS changes are not instant and may take some time to take effect. If you're still in doubt and not sure they are set correctly, revisit to test again. If still not sure, please get in touch with our support team via, and quote your atmail cloud account details.


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