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custom branding

Stewart -

I need to apply custom branding to my atmail cloud account.


  • atmail cloud

Want to apply custom branding to atmail cloud account.


  1. Login to your atmail cloud webadmin.
  2. Select the Settings tab, then select Branding Settings.

The following custom branding settings are available.

  • Select brand     
  • Enable branding - On/Off    
    Switch off to disable branding.
  • Brand name    
    Specify the brand-name of the system.
  • Webmail URL    
    Specify the webmail url.
  • IMAP Hostname    
  • SMTP Hostname    
    Enter the SMTP server used for sending outgoing messages via Webmail. Default is for the local server.
  • SMTP Port    
    Enter the SMTP port used for sending outgoing messages via Webmail. Default is 25
  • SMTP SSL    
    Switch off to disable smtp ssl.
  • SMTP Auth Username   
    Specify the SMTP username for authentication
  • SMTP Auth Password    
    Specify the SMTP password for authentication
  • Enable welcome email    
    Switch on to send a welcome email when account created.
  • Welcome email from email address    
    Enter sender email address of the welcome email
  • Welcome email Subject   
    Enter subject of the welcome email
  • Welcome email Body    
    Enter body of the welcome email(HTML format)
    Use these variables
    {{account}} - username (email address)
    {{firstname}} - First name
    {{lastname}} - Last name
    {{brandname}} - Brand name
    {{webmailurl}} - Webmail url
    {{smtphost}} - SMTP Host
    {{adminemail}} - Admin Email Address
    e.g. Hello {{firstname}} {{lastname}}, {{account}} has been successfully created.
  • Assign to domains


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