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Whitelisting/Blacklisting BATV and VERP addresses

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How can I Whitelist or Blacklist BATV and/or VERP addresses?


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In an attempt to mitigate backscatter, mass-mailing applications like MailChimp, SendGrid and Mailgun may use Bounce Address Tag Validation (BATV) to determine the validity of a specified bounce address within an email. Within the <local-part> of the  Mail From: field, BATV denotes the use of a tagging scheme that allows bounced mail to be assessed for validity and dropped accordingly. An example of an address using BATV may appear as follows:

  • Mail From: <>

While BATV validates bounces, Variable Envelope Return Path (VERP) is implemented by mailing lists to automate recognition and removal of in-valid recipients.

The combination of these mass-mailing techniques can ultimately effect the approach towards implementing Whitelists and Blacklists to govern what mail reaches your INBOX.



Target the <domain-part> of the email address by adding it to either your Whitelist senders or Blacklist senders, available from: Settings -> Anti-Spam Settings.

For example, to Whitelist:

  • <>
  • <>
  • <>

    while Blacklisting:

  • <>
  • <>

    Please find the following example:



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